Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wow, got a lot to do

Hey all, Branden here

Just a brief update as to my projects I'm working on/ considering:

LOGO ANIMATION- Recently, a Facebook friend of mine, Armando, contacted me to do a logo animation for a client. He'll be sending me the files soon, and I'll start work on that! While also juggling-

DEADMAU5 MAU5HEAD COMPETITION- A couple days ago, I saw a Facebook status from deadmau5 about a competition to design a new mau5head for him. Using whatever software tools you want, and you have complete creative control. So of COURSE I'm doing this!! Also, here's the prizes:

1st Place: 2 Tickets to his upcoming CA show, all airfare and travel arrangements paid for, along with backstage passes, and chillin out with him at a record signing before the show. (SCHWEET)

2nd Place: 2 Tickets to a show closest to your area (So for me, Denver) the next time deadmau5 rolls around there. (ALSO SCHWEET) This will be awarded to 5 lucky contestants.

3rd Place: Various CDs, shirts, deadmau5 apparel ALL signed by deadmau5 himself. (STILL SCHWEET) Again, 5 contestants will get this opportunity.

So yeah, 11 chances to win. Them's pretty good odds, I'd say! But along with this, I've got-

SISTER'S CAT TATTOO- Yup, my sister has asked me to draw her a cool cat tattoo for her. And ya know, family always comes before anything else. So I think after I post this, I'll head downstairs and begin working on it. Then afterwards-

FINISH MY MOM'S HAUNTED HOUSE PICTURE- For Mother's Day, my mom asked me to simply draw her a cool looking haunted house for her. She builds dollhouses, and her current project (that will take over 10 years to complete) is a haunted house. Pretty neat eh? Oh, and also-

ANIMATION COLLABORATION WITH TIM- Again, a few days ago, my friend and fellow AiC grad Tim asked if I would be interested in submitting some random animations for a short collaboration cartoon show. It can be 2D, CGI, stop motion, anything. So I'm totally on board with that, I need to make some random shorts though!!

DRAWING FOR A FRIENDS BAND- Just a little something to do :D

And finally, I need to get paid for my Tagwhat animation. My first bill is due in August, so I need it soon!! But I understand the delay.

Anyways, that's what I've got on my plate. Only one of them will end with me being paid, and on MIGHT result in me partying with deadmau5, so it'll be worth it. And I'll enjoy all of it!



Saturday, May 14, 2011

Here's What's Going On-

Hey all... what, 5 of you, out there that read this.

Been pretty busy lately, been doing an animation for Tagwhat, a smartphone app company. Basically, I'm the lead animator for a short "infomation" (I coined the term, by the way. Cross between information and animation) about the product. I'm almost done, and will post an updated demo reel and everything when I can.

I other news, Osama Bin laden was killed eh. Yeah I know, it happened like, 2 weeks ago. But still. Well, the majority of my friends actually thought it wrong of us to kill him.


That's just... interesting.

Anywho, I'm for it. One step closer to bringing this whole war to rest. Though lately there have been threats against us, so there's no hiding that. Guess only thing we CAN do is wait and see what happens.

Gah, I'm tired.

Anyways, that's it for now.



Thursday, February 10, 2011


What can I say? I like deadmau5.

How to Tie Your Shoes

How to Tie Your Shoes!

Basically, I did these vector images for my friend Jordan, he needed a basic setup of how one ties their shoes. So, I put this together for him, but for his project, I gave each shoe to him individually. This is just an overall view of them.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ramona Flowers!

Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ramona Flowers (unfinished)

Here's an update on my latest vector painting.

Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Scott Pilgrim VS The World: VS SCREENS!

Scott Pilgrim VS The World

This is just a combination of all the VS screens in this epic film!